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Win Limited Garment Moon Ritual!

2024-05-27 00:00:00

During the Merchants' Gift event, if the amount of consumption reaches 8888/28888/57776 EPs, you will receive limited appearances: back decoration Moon Butterfly, Garment Moon Ritual and back decoration Serene Moonlight!


Limited Appearance

Moon Ritual Female

(Note: The picture effect includes garment and back decorations Moon Butterfly & Serene Moonlight )

Moon Ritual Male

(Note: The picture effect includes garment and back decorations Moon Butterfly & Serene Moonlight )


2024.5.17 - 5.31 23:59 [Server Time]


► If your level reach 90, you can participate the event. Right-click on the Treasure Buying Invitation to find the path to the Legendary Merchant Wales.

► Legendary Merchant Wales has put a batch of valuable goods up for sale! Use items to get more discounts.

► You can get rebate rewards when your accumulated spending reaches a certain amount.

► When the amount of consumption reaches 88/888/1888/3888/8888/28888/57776 EPs, or the times of consumption reach 3/5/8/13/30/80, players will receive corresponding rebates.

► There is a 50% probability of receiving a random reward when purchasing.

► During the event, the quantity of each item that you can purchase is limited.


Rewards for accumulated spending

Consumption Reward Attribute
88 EPs Luxury Star Box Bound
888 EPs Divine Fire Legacy Bound
1888 EPs L2 Rare Panacea Bound
3888 EPs L80 Ancient Dragon Crystal Bound
8888 EPs Moon Butterfly: The butterfly was once a symbol of dream and beauty. But now it has fallen with the priestess of Moonlight Shrine and transformed into a destructive butterfly. Unbound
28888 EPs Moon Ritual Pack: Open to get 1 Moon Ritual garment that fits your gender, 1 Moon Ritual Hairstyle Card, and 1 Moon Ritual Avatar Card. The items are all bound and permanent. Unbound
57776 EPs Serene Moonlight: The serene moonlight solidifies the moon`s brilliance, silence and eternity, but also witnesses the loneliness of the priestess. Unbound

Please refer to the game for the specific content of the items.