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18th Anniversary Benefits Preview

2024-04-30 00:00:00

The 18th Anniversary Celebration is coming soon! Not only is there a new server coming, but also a new curio gameplay coming to Cronus.

A large number of gifts have been prepared, carnival celebration is ready to go, keep watching us on June 5th!


New Server Event

► Anniversary gala unleashed, super new server revealed! The Europe Server Ceremony will be held on June 5th along with many new events.

► The event has been completely revamped, featuring limited-time discounts on rare items that you won't want to miss!

► New server promo packs and limited packs have been added, with Tiger Tokens, new Curios, and Dragon Candle Chests available! 


Grand New Curio

► It is said that Fire Lord Hetia for the first time infused sincere emotions into the Curios, sealing them in the Eternal Forest.

► This set of Curios witnessed a love myth of ancient gods that lasted for eternity, containing the inexhaustible vitality to rejuvenate all things, driving all heroes to madness.

► Add new Curio mainline, new missions, and many other new ways to play, and you can even open the battle pass game!

► By unlocking the Basic/Advanced/Extravagant passes, you can not only receive the Embark Potion, and Immortal Refining Stones, but also Seraphina and Advanced Fire Chests waiting for you~


Anniversary Carnival

► Grand 18th anniversary is celebrated in Cronus City. On this occasion, a golden light fell from the sky, and the golden light quickly disappeared., showing the sacred majesty of Bolt Edge.

► When the hero touched the scepter, thunder bloomed in the sky, opening the door to Mount Olympus.

► Anniversary Event will be opened: Bolt Edge, Anniversary Arena, Top of Thor, Bolt Repression, and Thunder Mystery.

► In addition, exclusive anniversary benefits are available for you to claim!

► Adding Gala Mall & Anniversary Auction, high-class garments and eudemosn are waiting for you!

Gala Mall Related Appreance

Stunning Shadow (F)

Stunning Shadow (M)

Stunning Shadow Dragon (F)

Stunning Shadow Dragon (M)

Cloud Crane Dawn (F)

Cloud Crane Dawn (M)

Cloud Crane (F)

Cloud Crane (M)