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Seraphina Clover Contest

2024-03-28 00:00:00

To welcome the arrival of Seraphina, Cronus is holding a special Seraphina Clover Contest.

Use Divine Clovers to perform the Eudemon`s divine main attribute composing to earn abundant rewards.


Seraphina Clover Contest


2024.3.31 - 2024.4.30 23:59 [UTC-8]


•  During the event, you can register up to 3 Eudemons on the exclusive page. [Tap Event icon > Seraphina Clover Sotre > View Ranking]

>>>Tap here to enter the event page<<<

Note:The beneficiary of Luck Points is the hero who registers this Eudemon for the first time during the event.

•  Using Divine Clovers for the divine main attribute composing accumulates Luck Points.

Use Divine Clovers to compose registered Eudemons, and you will receive Luck Points and get ranked. The top 500 heroes will be nicely rewarded (requires at least 6,000 points).

[Divine Clover Luck Points]

• Divine Clover is divided into four types, and the obtained Luck Points vary when composing the registered Eudemons

①Divine Clover I: 16 points/time;contst

②Divine Clover II: 66 points/time;

③Divine Clover III: 188 points/time;

④Divine Clover IV: 288 points/time.

• If Seraphina is registered, you will receive more points after composing Seraphina:

①Divine Clover I: 24 points/time;

②Divine Clover II: 99 points/time;

③Divine Clover III: 282 points/time;

④Divine Clover IV: 432 points/time.

[Achievement Rewards]

•  Players need to register Seraphina and reach corresponding Luck Points before they can receive the Achievement rewards. 

• Claiming achievement rewards does not deduct Luck Points.

• Players can claim Achievement rewards at 0:00 on April 1st [UTC-8].