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Seraphina News Highlights

2024-03-22 00:00:00

In the distant East, there is an ancient goddess named Seraphina. In order to create more captivating art, Seraphina travels throughout the world and arrives at the Yartland. Here hope and destruction coexist, and heroes depict countless heroic and moving legendary stories with their passion and fervor. Seraphina will seek inspiration here and write the most beautiful and romantic poems.

In order to celebrate the arrival of the Seraphina, Eudemons Online also held a variety of activities. What are they? Come and take a look.

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Goddess Blessing


2024.3.20 00:00:00 - 3.30 23:59:59 [UTC-8]


► Click on the blessing invitation in the backpack to find the way to the Wishful Goddess [Cronus 345,409] and talk to her to pray.

► Spending 138 eps to pray once; make a wish 10/20/100 times to enjoy the corresponding discount.

► 10 prayers cost 1352 eps; 20 prayers cost 2677 eps; 100 prayers cost 13110 eps.

► During the event, if your EPs consumed in draw reach 9000, you can compete on the ranking, and the top 5 can get Seraphina Eggs for free.

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Seraphina Sales


2024.3.25 - 4.30 23:59:59 [UTC-8]


► Adventurers, good news! The Seraphina Sales will be opened on March 25th, 2024.

► The extraordinary and potent Seraphina awaits you at the Treasure Court. We look forward to your visit!

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Seraphina Clover Contest


2024.3.31 00:00:00 - 4.30 23:59:59 [UTC-8]


► During the event, join in the Seraphina Clover Contest via [Seraphina Clover Contest].

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Seraphina Puzzle Challenge


2024.3.22 - 4.30 23:59:59 [UTC-8]


► Adventurers, good news! We are giving away free Weapon Soul, Mount, and Garment in the Puzzle Challenge event on our official Facebook page. Join now!

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Guidance of Seraphina

Click below to view more breaking information about Seraphina, including introduction, skills, appearance, and promotional information.

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