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New Arrivals in Treasure Court!

2024-02-18 00:00:00

Adventurers, there are new additions to the Treasure Court from February 19th. Five Tiger Generals and related items with limited-time discounts are online, come to the Treasure Court to have a look!

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Sale Time: 2024.02.19 - 02.29

Item Name
Lucky Tiger Pack
99 USD
Precious Tiger Pack
139 USD
Luxurious Tiger Pack
349 USD
Grand Universe Amulet Pack
49 USD

Five Tiger Generals Introduction

In the space-time at the other end of the Four Seas Portal lies a mysterious Eastern Continent. When celestial bodies collided in the universe, the claws of destructive will also reached out to this mysterious land, causing chaos and disputes in the Eastern Continent. To resolve the chaos, the Five Tiger Generals stepped forward. Following the guidance of the strategist, Dragon Prophet, they learned that the root of this chaos lay in another time and space - Yartland.

Using the treasure left by the strategist, the "Space-time Scroll", the Five Tiger Generals arrived in Yartland, embarking on a new adventure in this unfamiliar world. The heroes here have been struggling against the destructive will in their ongoing battle against the demonic forces. With the assistance of the Five Tiger Generals, your strength is sure to soar.

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