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February Guidance Event

2024-02-10 00:00:00

Dear heroes! The new Guidance Event begun from Feb.12th to Feb.25th.

This guideline solicitation requires participation in the form of a video.

All heroes are welcome to participate in the event!



● All the players who meet the guidelines can get a 1380 EPs Card.

● If the official adopts the walkthroughs submitted by heroes, heroes will get 2* 1380 EPs Cards and 2* 10x Oracle Stone[B] as rewards!


Contact Way:

Please upload your video walkthrough to YouTube with the #EudemonsOnline# tag in the caption, and send us the address of the video on YouTube via email:



1. Video for Valentine's Event

● Valentine's Event includes all tasks including Chocolate Love, True Love Test and Venus Dance etc.

● Each event counts as a walkthrough.

● The video walkthrough should include the whole process of one of these tasks.

● Show the rewards of an event at the end of the video. 

● Video recording and a clear screen are required.


2. Video for Valentine's Day

● Focus on Eudemons Online and use Valentine's Day or partners as the theme to create game guidance related to Valentine's Day themes, such as introducing the in-game flower delivery system, wedding gameplay, etc.

● Video recording and a Clear screen are required.


3. Video for Eudemons

● Players can record the skills released and the battle process of Eostre, Ragar and Five Tiger Generals.

● Each part counts as a walkthrough.

● The walkthrough requires the use of video recording.

● The video should show all the skills of Ragnar or the entire fight.

● The walkthrough should be no less than two minutes.


Content Specifications

● The recording duration of the video walkthrough should not be less than 2 minutes.

● All videos should be uploaded to YouTube with the #EudemonsOnline# tag in the caption.

● After uploading, please send the video link to our email: to be regarded as a successful participant.

● A video walkthrough of no less than 2 minutes can be regarded as one walkthrough.

● The same player can publish more than one video walkthrough, according to the number of videos as the number of awards.

● Illustrating videos need to be clear full-screen recordings (720P or above), enabling viewers to see the release of skills and the game process.

● Walkthroughs need to be original content. Once the plagiarism is found, the award and participation will be disqualified.


Reward Rules

● A 1380-EP card will be rewarded for a complete video walkthrough in line with the specifications.

● If the official adopts the walkthrough submitted by heroes, heroes will get 2*1380 EPs Card and 2*10x Oracle Stone[B] as rewards.

● The same player can publish more than one video walkthrough, according to the number of videos as the number of awards.

● Rewards will be settled on Feb.25th and distributed within 1 week.