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Treasure Court Special Sale Starts

2024-02-01 00:00:00

Dear adventurers, the Treasure Crout Special Sale will start on Feb 1st. Luxury Fire Boost Box, Valuable Fire Box, and other valuable new items are waiting for you, come and have a look at the Treasure Court!

>>>Enter Treasure Court<<<


New Items

Item Name
Lucky Jungle Fire Box
1.99 USD
Open for a chance to get up to 20 L80 Jungle Fires. (Limit: 2/Account)
L80 Blazing Surprise Box
9.9 USD
Open for a chance to get up to 12 Optional L80 Blazing Packs. (Limit: 2/Account)
Luxury Fire Boost Box
9.9 USD
Open to get 2 Tomb Mop-up Coupons, 2 Divine Fire Legacies, 2 L80 Tomb Challenge Tokens, 2 L80 Fire Fragment Bags and 2 Luxury Star Boxes. (Limit: 2/Account)
Valuable Fire Box
9.9 USD
Open to get 1 Mount Tomb Supreme Chest, 10 L80 Fire Fragments and 50000 Star Points. (Limit: 2/Account)


*Optional L80 Blazing Pack: Open to choose one from L80 Blazing Meteor/L80 Blazing Crescent/L80 Blazing Sun.