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Nether Land Opens

2024-01-04 00:00:00

People on Nether Land can never enter the real world, but with the power of Death Flowers, the evil lord, Manjusaka, may be able to bypass the seal!

After 2024/1/10, heroes can team up to stop the crisis. Excellent teams may win Legend Soul Stamps and more rewards.


Nether Land

Quest Rule

• Nether Land is an extremely dangerous place. Only heroes of level 130 and Divine level 80 can get in.

• Nether Land only allows a team of 10.

• Only the team leader can start the challenge of Nether Land.

• Quest Type: Normal / Hard / Hell

Quest Introduction

• Talk to Watchman`s Spirit and challenge Netherlord.

• Use falling rocks to break the Death Flower`s magic barrier.

• Kill the Death Flower and find the way out.

• When activated, the Inferno Core will deliver the Inferno Source constantly.

• Destroy the Inferno Source and get disguised to pass the Inferno Passage.

• Defeat Netherlord Manjusaka.

Bonus Event Time

2024.1.10 - 2024.1.26

Event Rule

• During the bonus time, the drop probability of the Ancient Crystal Box I, the number of drops of the Brilliant Soul Stamps, the rewards for the dungeon racing rankings, and the participation rewards are all doubled.

• During the period 1.10-1.26, the leaderboard shows a doube rewards and players get double rewards.

• During 1.27-1.31, although the event shows double rewards (single rewards are shown after Wednesday's update) because this week's settlement time is 2.3, there are no double rewards this week (1.27-2.3), and single rewards have been restored.