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Make TikTok Videos to Win Great Prizes

2024-01-29 00:00:00

Dear heroes, the TikTok video wanted event will run from January 26 to February 3.

This event requires participation in the form of videos, and we welcome all heroes to join in!


TikTok Video Content:

● The video theme is unrestricted but should be related to EO. It can feature real-life commentary, humor, game highlights, or anything that aligns with the tastes of TikTok users.



● No.1 on the Playback Ranking: 1380 EP Card x3

● No.2 on the Playback Ranking: 1380 EP Card x2

● No.3 on the Playback Ranking: 1380 EP Card x1

● No.4-10 on the Playback Ranking: 420 EP Card x1

● Participation Prize: 10x Oracle Stone (B) x4



● All eligible videos will receive 10x Oracle Stone (B) x4.

● If a video is officially accepted and ranks in the top 10 on the TikTok Playback Ranking (the result will be announced on February 6), corresponding rewards will be given based on the ranking.

● Everyone can submit multiple videos for the event.

● Rewards will be distributed in a week.


Submission Guidelines:

● The video should be in portrait mode, not landscape, with a preferred duration of 15-30 seconds.

● The video should include simple text descriptions.

● Popular background music should be added to the video, and the music should match the content.

● The video scenes should not remain constant. There should be a scene transition within 5 seconds, and the background music should match the content of the scene transition.

● The video needs to be recorded in full screen (720P or above), ensuring clarity.


Submission Method:

● Please send us the video file you have created via email and include your server name and character name: