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April Guidance Event

2023-04-21 00:00:00

Dear heroes! Our New Guidance Event has begun which ran from April 21 to May 8.

All heroes are welcome to participate in this rewarding event!



All the players who meet the guidelines can get a 1380 EPs Card.

If the walkthroughs submitted by heroes are adopted by the official, they will get 2*1380 EPs Card and 2*10x Oracle Stone as rewards!


Contact Way:

● Video: Please upload your video walkthrough to YouTube with the #Eudemons Online# tag in the caption, and send us the address of the video in YouTube via email:

● Graphic: Please email your walkthrough into Word or PDF to us to participate in the event:



1. Walkthrough for Eostre

● Players can record about skill released and battle process of Eostre.

● Each part counts as a walkthrough.

● The walkthrough requires the use of video recording.

● The video should show all skills of  Eostre or the entire fight.

● The walkthrough should be no less than two minutes.


2. Walkthrough for Team Quest

● Team quests involve Legion WarCata Maze and so on.

● Please illustrate each step from building the team. Clear logic and detailed process are required. Please combine text with pictures, and it will be better if you attach videos to display team fights.

● You need to introduce some skills for building a team (such as class arrangement). 

Heroes should clearly state the following information at the beginning of the walkthrough

quest name entrance start time max participants
dropped items equipment requirement Divine Fire equipment requirement skill requirement


Content Specifications:

● Please write it in English and write at least 200 words; The recording duration of the video walkthrough should not be less than 2 minutes.

● Uploading several walkthroughs for one quest can only be regarded as one walkthrough.

● Please combine text with pictures, and it will be better if you attach videos. And Walkthrough for Eostre needs to be the format of the video.

● Illustrating pictures need to be clear full-screen screenshots (resolution: 1920x1080 or 1440x900).

● Illustrating videos need to be clear full screen recording (720P or above), enabling viewers to clearly see the release of skills and the game process.

● Walkthroughs need to be original content. Once the plagiarism is found, the award and participation will be disqualified.