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Aura Forest Event

2023-03-14 00:00:00

Aura Forest is in a critical state! Forest Envoy Trista has come to Cronus, hoping that you can help her replenish the Aura Power! 


Replenish Aura Power


2023.3.15 - 2023.3.26


• Aura Treasures include Aura Seeds, Aura Crystals, Aura Runes, Aura Totems, and Aura Essences.

• Submit different treasures to earn different numbers of Personal Effort Points and Server Effort Points.

• You can get 1 Forest Chest for each 50 Personal Effort Points. You will reach several phases according to your Personal Effort Points and get 1 Breakthrough Box for upgrading to the next phase.

• Each time you submit Aura Treasures, the Server Effort Points will be recorded. There are 6 phases of Server Effort Points. When the server enters a new phase, heroes who reach personal phase 4/7 can get 1/2 additional Breakthrough Box(es).

How do we get Aura Treasure?

• You can get some Aura Seeds every day via joining in Blood and Fortune, Treasure Raider and Ice Go.

• You can Get some Aura Crystals and Aura Seeds via the first two Ancient Fire Tomb challenges each day and from Eternal Store.

• You can Get Aura Runes, Aura Totems, and Aura Essences from Shopping Mall.


Ice Go


2023.3.15 - 2023.3.26


• Flame Dragon Glenn will show up in Cronus at 12:00/14:00/16:00/18:00/20:00/22:00 every day during 

• Flame Dragon Glenn will appear for 10 minutes each time. During this time, if you successfully use Magic Ice to attack it 20 times, you will get 3 Ambergris Stones.

• If Glenn is knocked down, the hero who deals the last strike will get 2 additional Ambergris Stones and other heroes will get 1 Ambergris Stone.