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Halloween Spree

2023-10-26 00:00:00

It`s Halloween again!

From Nov.1 to Nov.13, 2023, Halloween Envoy Batos will come to Cronus and hold a Halloween Spree!

Many wonderful events are ready for you! Talk to Batos to learn more!



2023.11.1 - 2023.11.13




● The Mirror Space is in crisis. Exorcist Lotus (346,383) will come to Cronus in search of help from heroes above L90.

● When heroes enter Mirror Space, Tia will accompany you.

● Netherworld has 12 Floors. 1F to 9F only for solo challenges. 10F to 12F allow team challenge.

● Kill the monsters in the Netherworld. When heroes kill the king, there will be a reward dropping. Meanwhile, Tia will get EXP to upgrade.

● The EXP of Tia will be counted into the ranking, heroes who are on the ranking will get extra rewards after the event.

PS: The higher floor you are on, the faster the speed of the challenge is and the higher EXP Tia can get. 


Halloween Spree

● Heroes who have reached level 90 can throw all kinds of ghost balls at other adventurers to turn them into cute ghosts!

● Keep throwing to make them grow bigger until they become the ultimate ghosts.

● Each time heroes throw the ball, they will gain one Prank Point for their legion.

● After becoming a ghost, you`ll see other ghosts wandering in Cronus. Complete their requests to get Spree Candies, Ghost Amulet, and Prank Points, up to 6 times a day.

● Throwing ghost balls to others may earn you Venture Spirits, the bigger the ghost size is, the higher the chance you`ll get Venture Spirits.

● Follow Venture Spirits to find Witch Ivory and have a fortunetelling to win up to 6400 Spree Candies.

● Exchange Spree Candies for nice rewards in the Halloween Store.


Trick or Treat

[Sugar Bowl Pixie]

●Heroes who have transformed into ghosts will get ghost candies, and those who haven`t transformed will get Cronus candies.

●Each Sugar Bowl Pixie can give away candies for up to 50 times.

●When all candies in the bowl are given away, you can click on the bowl to play tricks and then the Pixie will spend 1 minute refilling the bowl with candies.

[Treasure Raider]

●During the event, when you join the event Treasure Raider, you will probably run into Scooby.

●Get close to it to randomly enter an exotic space, like an island or desert.

●Play Trick or Treat with Scooby in the exotic space. You will have a chance to win Spree Candies, nor maybe lose some Spree Candies.

●Spree Candies can be swapped for great gifts in the Halloween Store.

●Try to figure out the disposition of Scooby and win more candies!


Pumpkin Lantern Sharing

● During the event, all qualified heroes can open Watcher`s Chest to get Prank Points in Halloween Spree, Trick or Treat and daily quests.

● The Prank Points earned by Legion members will be counted into Legion Prank Point Rankings.

● The top 3 Legions can name Puckish Pumpkins after their Legions. Legion members must be in the Legion for at least 24 hours before so that their Prank Points can be counted in Prank Point Rankings.

● Ranked Legion can also claim Pumpkin Lantern.

● The lantern can be used to add Attack/Critical Hit/Critical Damage/points of Divine Damage and Movement Speed.


Hungry Ghosts

● Ghost Arena, with 3 hungry ghosts sealed in it, will open.

● Black Market Merchant Wood put some Ghost Arena Tickets in Blackarena, hoping that heroes who get those tickets can stop them.

● Heroes can defeat the 3 hungry ghosts in the arena to get Ghost Amulets and Spree Candies.

● The higher the level of hungry ghosts heroes defeat, the better the rewards heroes will get.