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Sealed Curio Event

2022-09-13 00:00:00

The Divine Domain has risen from the ground, and the Curio has reappeared in the world.

But it`s still covered by an ancient seal. Go find a way to unseal it.



2022.09.14 - 2022.09.27


• Only by using the Meteoric Iron can you unseal the Curio and release its true power.

• Collect the Meteoric Irons from the daily quests to unseal it.

• Talk to Foreign Traveller Fosfros and submit Meteoric Iron.

• The Curio will release different power according to the Unseal Points you have after Sept.29 00:00.

[The way to get Meteoric]

• During the event, get Meteoric Iron by completing the daily Legion quests, Treasure Raider, Blood and Fortune, Chaosacre, Ancient Fire Tomb (Tomb Challenge Token included, up to 4 times a day).

[Unseal Point & Curio]

• Use Meteoric Irons to break the ancient seal on the Curio. Every piece of Meteoric Iron increases 500 Unseal Points.

• Heroes whose Unseal Points reach 500/3000/10000/20000/40000 will receive a different quality of Curio after Sept.29 00:00. The exceeded points will be turned into Curio EXP.