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Merge Server Notifications and Events

2022-05-19 00:00:00


Greetings Heroes! We are here to announce that the Delphinus server will merge into Newyork on May 25th.

In addition, the Merge Event will be released on June 1st, 2022. All players in Newyork can participate in this rewarding event!



Announcement about Merging Server

Delphinus + Newyork = Newyork

● The level of the characters, items, gold and Eudemons in the inventories and warehouses, the Eudemon Warehouses and Eudemon Hatchers on the original server will be completely retained.

● After the server merge, players can login the merged server from the original server entry. The merge may take a few hours to finish. Please plan accordingly!

● Otherwise, the character on the Delphinus server will be automatically deleted by the system (The character can be retrieved via the Mannequin System).

PS: If you have two characters in both merged servers with the same account, you need to delete either one before the servers are merged.


How to retrieve your deleted characters?

● You can find your deleted characters by opening your Mannequin window after the current character has reached Level 50.

● if you already have more than 5 mannequins currently on Newyork, you can delete the mannequins you don't need to restore mannequins you need.

● Click on the "Login" button, the offline character will become online - together with other online characters.

● If you want all mannequin characters to be online, just click on the button "Login All". All the lost items will also be found in the deleted.




After the two servers are merged:

● After servers merge, players can log in to the merged server from the original server entry. The Eudemon IDs will be kept. Consequently, two different Eudemons may share the same Eudemon ID in the new server.

● The occupied family maps will be cleared.

● The occupied legion maps will be cleared.

● For the two booths of the same position in the original two servers, only the more valuable one will be kept. The income from the less valuable one will be completely given back to its owner.

● For two castles in the same position in the original servers, only the more valuable one will be kept. The income from the less valuable one will be completely given back to its owner.

● All castles created by players will be kept. You can go to the market (293,447) in Cronus to be teleported to the castle maps, and then ask Abby to send you to your castle.

● Please do not auction within 24 hours before the servers are merged. Items in the Auction House will be cleared after the servers are merged.

● Same character names, family names and legion names will be automatically changed by the system. You can find Eric (293,435) in Cronus to change their names.



Merge Events

Celebrity Hall Competition

► Duration:

2022.6.1 00:00 - 2022.6.30 23:59 (GMT-8)

► Rules:

● At the end of the event, heroes who occupy the first ten statues of the Celebrity Hall can receive the competition rewards.

● According to the final rank of Celebrity Hall (June 30th 23:59), Heroes can win reward according to your rank!

● The time to receive the award is from July 1, 2022 to July 5, 2022.

Dreamfairy Lilla Pack
20,000 Coins
Skybreaker Pack
20,000 Coins
Laird Pack
10,000 Coins
Divine Box
10,000 Coins
15,000 Coins
10,000 Coins


Boss Hunt

► Duration:

2022.6.1 00:00 - 2022.6.7 23:59 (GMT-8)

► Rules:

● During event period, Heroes can get coins after hunting bosses.

● The maximum number of coins a player can earn by killing bosses per day is 2,000.


Merge Pack

► Duration:

2022.6.1 00:00 - 2022.6.10 23:59 (GMT-8)

► Rules:

● Heroes who are level 120+ can get a Merge Pack when login during Event Duration.

● Corresponding coins can be obtained when the accumulated login days reach the specified days.


Coin Shop

► Duration:

2022.6.1 00:00 - 2022.6.25 23:59 (GMT-8)

► Rules:

● Heroes can use coins to exchange with reward in Coin Shop. Check what you can exchange with in game then!

● Coins cannot be sold or traded. At the end of the events, heroes can use every 10 coins to redeem One Hour Experience.


Start a new journey together in the reborn sever Newyork!