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Spring Dance Coming Back!

2022-05-16 00:00:00

The super popular Spring Dance party is coming back with the anticipation of many players!

From May 18th to May 31st, 2022, brave people who join in the Spring Dance will have the chance to get such magical treasures as “Phantom Hearts”and “Opera Fantasy”!

What are you waiting for?

>>Click here for details of the appearance<<






► Click on the button "Dance in Spring" and use the Dance Ticket to join in the Spring Dance Event.

► A Dance Ticket can be drawn once a time, the main draw rewards are as follows:

Replaceable Reward
Opera Fantasy Pack
—— Unbond
Galaxy Chant Soul Box
—— Unbond
Charmed Night Pack
—— Unbond
Rondo of Night Pack
Phantom Heart *10
Camile Pet Card
Opera Fantasy Fragment *5
Masquerade Headwear Pack
Phantom Heart *6 Unbond
Spring Dance Headwear Pack
Phantom Heart *6 Unbond
Blues Plume Headwear Pack
Phantom Heart *5 Unbond
Fantasy Plume Headwear Pack
Phantom Heart *5 Unbond
Charmed Night Hairstyle Card
Phantom Heart *5 Unbond
Charmed Night Avatar Card
Phantom Heart *3 Unbond
Rondo of Night Hairstyle Card
Phantom Heart *3 Unbond
Rondo of Night Avatar Card
Phantom Heart *2 Unbond
Phantom Hearts
—— Unbond
Snowy Dream etc.
—— Unbond

► Each draw can accumulates Act Points for the player.

► When the Act Points accumulates to a certain number, players can receive the following gift on the Interface of Spring Dance:

Act Points required
Classic Blues Avatar Card
500 Unbond
Star Sonata Soul Box
1500 Bound
Classic Blues Hairstyle Card
2500 Unbond
Phantom Heart *10
3500 Unbond
Opera Fantasy Avatar Card
4500 Unbond
Opera Fantasy Fragment *10
5500 Unbond
Opera Fantasy Hairstyle Card
6500 Unbond
Classic Blues Pack
7500 Unbond


[Phantom Heart]

► Phantom Hearts can be used to increse Charm Points for Star Sonata.

► When Charm Points reach 1000, it can upgrade to the tradeable Galaxy Chant.


[Opera Fantasy Fragment]

► Collect 100 Opera Fantasy Fragment(s) to combine into 1 Opera Fantasy Pack.

► All garments in the pack are unbound and permanent.