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April Sale

2022-04-01 00:00:00


Dear heroes, Good News!

To celebrate the arrival of the powerful All-round Eudemon Mocci, the April Sale will be officially launched on April 6th.

Heroes can purchase many useful and affordable items in the Treasure Court to develop stronger Mocci!



2022.4.6 - 2022.5.17


Sale Item:

Item Content Price
Grand Treasure Box
1 Jungle Light Box
80 L70 Fire Fragments (B)
300000 Star Points
1 Big Blessing Star Pack
20 Luxury Eternal Crystal Boxes
1 Good Eudemon Box
Lucky Treasure Box
1 Lucky Treasure Coupon
10x Treasure Box
10 Lucky Treasure Coupon
100x Treasure Box
100 Lucky Treasure Coupons
10 Universal Essences
Mocci Inheritance Box
Ethereal Spirit Pack
1 Mocci Inherited Stone
Lucky Mocci Box
1 Ethereal Spirit Pack
6 Sweven Bead
Valuable Mocci Box
1 Ethereal Spirit Pack
20 Sweven Bead
Mocci Prayer Pack
Randomly get 15 to 100 Sweven Bead

Lucky Treasure Coupon

► Use to randomly get 1 item from Ancient Heaven Box, Genesis Sun Box, Genesis Moon Box, Heaven Sun Box, Dragon Secret Chest, Miraculous Fire Box and 31 XO Pack ect.

Ancient Heaven Box 25x Oracle Gem God Tear Lv.70 Jungle Fire
Divine Fire Legacy Dragon Secret Chest Divine Box Super Amber
Heaven Star Box Heaven Moon Box Heaven Sun Box 31.5-Star Universal XO
35-Star Universal XO Genesis Star Box Genesis Moon Box Genesis Sun Box
12-Star Universal XO Luxury Star Bag Heaven Star Fire Bright Runes
8* Universal O Heaven Moon Fire Miraculous Fire Box Chaotic Crystal
Genesis Sun Fire Fire Fragment Fire Flame Pack Super Fire Crystal