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New Year Event

2022-12-29 00:00:00

Dear heroes, Happy New Year!

2023 is just around the corner, and everyone at Cronus is celebrating the New Year.

Lots of New Year events, with rich activity rewards, waiting for you to participate!


New Year Painting


2022.12.29 - 2023.1.15


• Submit some Dazzling Shards to light up a random piece of the painting.

• You may choose a piece to light up if you use the Dazzling Gem.

• Light up all pieces in a row or column to get the corresponding rewards.

• When the whole painting is lighted up, you`ll receive a Deluxe Painting Box.

[Obtain Dazzling Shards]

• Complete Treasure Raider to get up to 10 Dazzling Shards every day.

• Pass Dragon Sword land of any difficulty level to get up to 20 Dazzling Shards every day.

• Blood and Fortune will get you up to 5 Dazzling Shards every day.

• From Dec. 29 to Jan. 8, opening the Blessed New Year Pack will get you up to 3 Dazzling Shards every day.

[Obtain Dazzling Gems]

• Passing Hero Dragon Sword Land (Hard & Hell) may get you some Dazzling Gems.


New Year Raiders


2022.12.29 - 2023.1.8


• From Dec.29, 2022 to Jan.8, 2023, all players at level 90 can enter the Land of Fortune for raiders.

• In 60 seconds, you can throw flame bombs up to 20 times at random treasures in the map.

• The more treasure you throw, the more Lucky Gems you will get.

• Lucky Gems can be used to exchange luxury items in the Raiders Store.


Online Reward


2022.12.29 - 2023.1.8


• During the event, players can receive the Blessed New Year Pack after 15 minutes online.

• Opening the Blessed New Year Pack will get you up to 3 Dazzling Shards every day.