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Eudemon Rank Server Steam

Minotaur Event

2022-12-21 00:00:00

Dear heroes, Mighty Lord Minotaur is online!

Since December 22, 2022, heroes can head to the store to purchase the Mighty Lord Minotaur.

Heroes can also earn Minotaur Coins through many activities to exchange more gifts!


Peerless Figure


2022.12.22 - 2023.1.4


• Players can enter Mighty Lord Minotaur’s mind to read his memory and stimulate his potential.

• There are three quests to help him recover his power: Ruling Fire Mountain, Palm Cave Battle and Conquering Thunder Mountain.

• Every time you pass the quest, the Mighty Lord Minotaur will restore some memories and give you a reward of thanks.


Minotaur Composing Contest


2022.12.22 - 2023.1.4


• You may register up to 1 Divine Eudemons.

• Use Divine Clovers to perform the Divine Main Attribute Composing for the registered Eudemon to gain Luck Points.

• Luck Points will still belong to the 1st hero who registered the Eudemon if it`s traded to other heroes.

• Collect Luck Points to get ranked and win prizes. The more the points, the higher the ranking, and the better the rewards!

[Divine Clovers]

• Divine Clover I: 16 pts/time

• Divine Clover II: 66 pts/time

• Divine Clover III: 188 pts/time

• Divine Clover IV: 288 pts/time


Item Introduction
Supreme Contest Box
Open to get 1 Ancient Heaven Box (B), 50 31.5* Universal XO Packs (B), 30 L2 Rare Panaceas (B), 8000 Lunar Points etc.
Epic Contest Box
Open to get 1 3-star Heaven Select Box (B), 30 31.5* Universal XO Packs (B), 6000 Lunar Points, 20 L2 Rare Panaceas (B) etc.
Glorious Contest Box
Open to get 1 3-star Heaven Sun Box (B), 20 31.5* Universal XO Packs (B), 4000 Lunar Points, 10 L2 Rare Panaceas (B) etc.
Remarkable Contest Box
Open to get 1 Heaven Blaze Select Box (B), 10 31.5* Universal XO Packs (B), 2000 Lunar Points, 5 L2 Rare Panaceas (B) etc.
Holy Contest Box
Open to get 1 Heaven Blaze Select Box (B), 5 31.5* Universal XO Packs (B), 1000 Lunar Points, and 1 Lv.4 Soul Potion (B).
Shiny Contest Box
Open to get 200000 Star Points, 5 Rare Panaceas (B), 2 30* Saint XO Packs (B) and 5 Divine Panacea Essences (B).


Minotaur Red Packet


2022.12.22 - 2023.1.4


• In the Minotaur draw, a fortune trap will appear if player draws the specified item.

• Other players get a reward once they approach and interact with the trap. 

• The traps are divided into normal and advanced levels, with more rewards for higher levels.


Minotaur Exchange Store


2022.12.22 - 2023.1.15


• Minotaur Coins can be used to exchange items in Exchange Store.

• The Exchange Store is divided into Normal and Advanced Exchange Mall.

• Players can redeem higher rewards at the Exchange Mall after registering the Mighty Lord Minotaur.