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Autumn Harvest

2022-11-23 00:00:00

The Autumn Harvest brings a variety of grains and fruits, and these materials can be made into different kinds of wine.

A grand Autumn Harvest festival will be held in Cronus.

Go and find 3 Barrels in the city to learn about the festival!



Starting from 2022.11.23



• Starting from Nov. 23, to celebrate the harvest festival and have fun with the citizens, Cronus will provide free wine for all heroes!

• You can enjoy the free wine to get buffs and even get blessed once a day.

• You may also pay some EPs to buy mysterious wine to get extra buffs.

• The buff you gained from the wine has not expired yet. If you drink the wine again, the new buff will replace the old one.

[Buff obtained]

Free Wine
Get a 5 minute 3% damage BUFF
Chance to get an additional 5 minutes 3% critical hit buffs
Mysterious Wine
10 min experience +50%
+5% damage for 10 minutes
Critical hit chance +5% for 10 minutes
Critical Hit damage +10% for 10 minutes
Holy Damage +1000 for 10 minutes