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Black Friday blessed with Fortune

2022-11-10 00:00:00

It's been a week since Black Friday kicked off.

The goddess of Fortune has come to Cronus to bring more treasures for all the heroes!


Fortune Blessing Ticket

• Heroes can also use EPs to exchange for Black Friday Spree Coins with Spree Coin Clerk Dahl. 

• Every 999 Black Friday Spree Coins you exchange will earn you 1 Fortune Blessing Ticket.

Reward (Use it for a chance to get random item):

Item Quantity
3-Star Ancient Heaven Box 1
Ancient Heaven Box 1
3-Star Heaven Select Box 1
L70 Fire Flame 1
Dragon Prophet 1
Prophet Inherited Stone 1
Chronicle Keeper 1
Chronicle Inherited Stone 1
Black Friday Spree Coins 8000
Chronicle Discount Card 1
Mocci Discount Card 1
Curio Discount Card 1
Dragon Prophet Discount Card 1
288PPs 1
Hetia Secret Chest 1
Curio EXP Discount Card 1
31.5-Star XO Discount Card 1
Curio EXP Box 1
Star Point 10000
L70 Fire Fragment 3
Heaven Star Fire 1
Heaven Blaze Fire Box 1
Fortune Blessing Ticket 1
Rare Panacea 1
Nabi Pet Card 1
Dragon Secret Chest 1