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New Server EveGarden comes with Surprise Pack!

2021-08-28 00:00:00


Hi, heroes! Good News!

The newest America server, EveGarden, will be opened on September 1st! 

There are many rewarding activities waiting for all heroes in the EveGarden, besides, there are also valuable new server promotions!

What' more, all heroes in EveGarden can enter the code we gave to get the awesome New Server Surprise Pack!


1.New Server Surprise Pack

Duration: September 1st - September 30th


● Heoes can only enter the code in the New Server, EveGarden.

● The Pack only available once for heroes who registered after 0:00 on September 1st, 2021(GMT-8).

● The items you get from the Pack are random. Heroes have chance to get free Lilla/Ruby/Monkey King Fragment, Coronation Night Coat, Scepter, 31.5* XO, L65 Fire Fragment, ect.


Coronation Night


Feather Myth Scepter


Sliver Tale Scepter

Note: You can check more details about the New Server Surprise Pack here.


2. New Server Competition

2.1 Celebrity Hall Competition

Duration:  September 1st - September 30th

● According to the final rank of Celebrity Hall at 23:59 (server time) at the end of the event, the characters who are eligible for the award will be awarded.

● Players who get the reward can receive the reward within one week after the end of the event.


2.2 Eudemons Contest

DurationSeptember 1st - September 30th

● After the event, all the Eudemons will be ranked according to the star rating (minimum 40 stars).

● Players can receive multiple rewards if they have more than one Eudemon on the top.

● Players who get the reward can receive the reward within one week after the end of the event.


2.3 Eudemons Star Achievement

Duration:  September 1st - September 30th

● During the event, players who reach the specified star level can receive rewards in the game.

● The same Eudemon can only receive one prize each time.

● The reward is only limited on Eudemon, players can receive multiple rewards if more than one Eudemon reach the specified star level.

● Prizes are limited. First come, first served.


2.4 Godness Rank List

Duration: September 1st - September 30th

● After the event, Godness will be ranked according to the Godness Point.

● Players in the top 50, can get the corresponding rewards through different rankings.

● The reward will receive within one week after the end of the event.


3. New Server Sale

Duration:  September 1st - September 30th

During sale period, you can buy amazing items and rare eudemons with wonderful price. 


Take action! We are waiting for you to come and join us here!