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Summer Promotion Goods Display

2021-07-15 00:00:00


Dear heroes!

The much-anticipated Summer Cool Promotion is about to be launched. Many rare goods are on the line in this promotion.

Let's take a look!


Summer Sparkle Fashion Box

● Open the box and heroes can get a chance to win a super rare appearance.

● Here are some of the rare appearance on display.


Gold Moonlight Box


Gilded Mermaid Pack


Summer Sparkle Selection Box


Vibrant Summer Box

● Open the box and heroes can get a chance to win a special item.

● Here are some of the rare item on display.


Vital Water Gun


Summer Wind Hairstyle Card/Avatar Card


Summer Wave Hairstyle Card/Avatar Card


Mystic Ocean Halter Box

● Open the box and heroes can get a chance to win a halter or a pet.

● Here are some of them on display.


Sparkle Aplysia Pet Card


Rein Blazing Fish


Nico Pet Card



Item Sale

Item Price(EPs)
Divine Box 4099
10x Oracle Stone *10 899
25x Oracle Stone 199
God Tear Pack 800
P8 Necro Crystal 188
P8 Necro Book 1399
Divine Fire Crystal 390
Miraculous Fire Box 488
Super Fire Crystal 399
L65 Fire Fragment 25
50000 Star Points 295
Super Amber 999
Super Beryl 699
Super Citrine 599
Shift Stone 2000
Inherited Stone 2499
Summer Sparkle Selection Box 5666
Floral Box 5222
Sparkle Aplysia Pet Card 2888
Ocean Lime Pet Card 2888
Nico Pet Card 2333
Lucia Pet Card 2000
Lily Pet Card 2000
Lucy Pet Card 2000
If you want to know more about the promotion, please click here: