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Summer Event - Conquer the Sea!

2021-07-14 00:00:00


There are countless treasures buried in the sea. The summer activity of 2021 officially sets sail!

From July 15 to August 25, heroes (≥ level 90) will receive a Swift Clipper Halter, plus gifts for upgraded ships!

Participate in the event to win Voyage Coin, and you can get generous rewards by exchange them.


Swift Clipper Halter


From July 15 to August 25




Refit Master

● During the event, heroes can use Ship Refitting Materials and Ship Upgrading Drawings to refit and upgrade ships. 

● The better your ship is, the higher the chance for you to get listed on Master Refitting Rankings.

● After the event, No.1 hero on Total Rankings can get 1 permanent Poseidon Drawing.


Voyage Tournament

● All Legion members reaching level 90 can refit and upgrade ships to increase the total Performance Points for your Legion.

● Legion's total Performance Points will be counted on Legion Voyage Leaderboard, and top-ranked Legions can get wonderful rewards

● There are 6 types of flags in total, the winning Leigion will be randomly assigned a flat by Tony(351,396) in Cronus.

● After the event, the Legion's leader who finally won the No.1 on Total Legion Voyage Leaderboard can select a permanent flag.


Great Navigation

● There are many different islands distributed in the route, with different ways of playing.

● Heroes can complete Summer Holiday events in islands.

● The event content is randomly divided into stars, after completing, you will be rewarded.

● Complete high star event heroes will have chance to win Summer Costume Fragment and Octopus Pirate Fragment!

● There are 3 bosses in the route. Legion members can go and attack bosses to get the L1-7 Pirate Capture Box.

● Heroes can also use Island Treasure Map or Lost Treasure Map to hunt treasures on Lonely Isle.


Online Reward

● During the event, stay online for 30 min and 60 min to respectively get Starry Voyage Pack and Valuable Voyage Pack.

● For the 4th/9th/16th/25th/36th/49th time you claim 1 Grand Voyage Pack!

● Complete daily quests to open Watcher`s Chest. You will have a chance to get extra great rewards like Ship Material Boxes.


We are looking forward to see who will be the ultimate king of this sea!