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Credit by PayPal to win rewards!

2021-06-01 00:00:00


Good new, heroes!

From June 1 to 30 (GMT -8), credit your Eudemons Online character via Paypal to earn rewards. Purchase any of the 5 credit tiers, heroes can collect corresponding rewards from the event page.


Event Page:



Credit Amount Reward

2 Special EXP Balls (B)

1 10x Oracle Gem (B)


5 6* Universal O Packs (B)

1 10x Oracle Gem (B)


5 6* Universal O Packs (B)

5 8* Universal O Packs

1 10x Oracle Gem (B)


 4 Special EXP Balls (B)

10 6* Universal O Packs (B)

1 10x Oracle Gem (B)

4 19* Universal XO(B)


1 God Tear (B)

4 19* Universal XO(B)

3 25* Universal XO(B)

1 10x Oracle Gem (B)

Champion Hair Card (B)



1.Rewards can be claimed multiple times, that is, if you recharge 420EP twice, you can get the reward of 420EP twice.

2. Rewards do not stack, that is, when you recharge a 1380EP point card, you can only receive rewards corresponding to 1380EP, and rewards corresponding to 420EP and 680EP cannot be received

3. Rewards are issued based on account and server. Please find the NPC in game to receive the reward after claiming.

4.After claiming your rewards, please click the “Share” button to post this event on your Facebook page with the text #My favorite game! Eudemons Online (Facebook link)#, asking your friends to share this post. After sharing, leave your Facebook link in the Comment board under the event page. After the event, We will randomly pick 15 lucky winners from the players who share this event and whose post is shared at least 50 times, rewarding each of them a Summer Beach Suit Pack!