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Relive your childhood in the Dream Playground

2021-05-26 00:00:00


Do you still remember the good days when you were just a kid? From May 29th to June 2nd, Dream Magician Floss will be here in Cronus. 

All heroes who have reached level 90 will be able to pass through the time tunnel and go back to the carefree childhood under his spell.


Dream Playground

Druation: May 29th to June 2nd


1. Put several traps on the time tunnel, and when the player steps on the trap, the player's appearance will gradually shrink and finally become a child.

2. The player can complete the task after triggering all the traps, and then please find Dream Magician to receive your reward.


Rush Forward

Druation: May 29th to June 2nd


1. Players participated in the rush forward competition can get a Cute Participating Pack when they jump to the 5th floor and the 20th floor successfully.

2. Only 1 time per day with Cute Winning Box and 3 times with Cute Participating Pack.


Wish you will have a dreamful day here!