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December Guidance Event

2021-12-16 00:00:00


Dear heroes, the guidance event is come together with the Chronicle Keeper on Dec,16th!

Boost stars for your Chronicle Keeper and gain luxury rewards!



2021.12.16 - 2021.12.31



● All the players who meet the guidelines can get 5400 PPs and a Universal Essence Pack(B) reward.

● If the walkthroughs submitted by heroes are adopted by the official, heroes will get 1,0800 PPs , an 8* O Pack(B) and Lv.5 Divine Panacea Bag(B) as rewards!

● Rewards will be settled at 18:00 on December 31st, 2021 and distributed within 1 week.


Contact Way:

Please email your walkthrough into Word or PDF to us to participate in the event:



1. Walkthrough for Chronicle Keeper Event

● The Chronicle Keeper Event include: Chronicle Detective Event, and Collect Periapts Event.

● Each event counts as a walkthrough.

● Each walkthrough should include the basic rules of the event, and the process.

● Clear logic is required, with clear process. Also text with pictures is the basic requirements of the walkthrough, using video recording is better.


2. Walkthrough for Chronicle Keeper

● Players can record about compose, inheritance, skill and battle process of Chronicle Keeper, ect.

● Each part counts as a walkthrough.

● Clear logic is required, the walkthrough requires the use of video recording.

● The video needs to show the image and basic gameplay of the Chronicle Keeper.


Content Specifications:

● Please write it in English and write at least 200 words.

● Uploading several walkthroughs for one quest can only be regarded as one walkthrough.

● Illustrating pictures need to be clear full-screen screenshots (resolution: 1920x1080 or 1440x900).

● Illustrating videos need to be clear full screen recording (720P or above), enabling viewers to clearly see the release of skills and the game process.

● Walkthroughs need to be original content. Once the plagiarism is found, the award and participation will be disqualified.