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Thanksgiving Event - Share your Gratitude

2021-11-23 00:00:00


Dear heroes, Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Please allow me to thank you for all you have done on behalf of the people in Yartland.

Heroes can join to gain Grateful Hearts, which can be swapped for rewards at Thanksgiving Store, or swapped for Holiday Surprise Box.

May Goddess of Fortune bless you!



Nov. 25 - Dec. 2, 2021



Turkey Rescue

• Visit Thanksgiving Envoy Helena to enter the burning Turkey Farm and participate in Turkey Rescue.

• Players need to rescue the turkey and escape from the fire in 3 minutes. 

• When encountering Firewalls in the fire, they need to use Buckets to clear the obstacles and move on. 

• According to the number of turkeys rescued by players, Farmer Parker will give Grateful Share Packs as rewards.

• Rewards can be claimed only once a day, Players can claim the rewards when you are satisfied with your achievements.

• Players who has taken the shortest time to rescue the most turkeys will be the champion on Rescue Heroes Ranking, and receive a Rescue Champion Box.

Rescue Champion Box(Random get)

Item Quantity
Bright Rune
10x Oracle Gem
Star Point


Delicious Roast Turkey

• There are a lot of Special Grills and sauces. Go and roast the turkeys.

• Players can roast or taste delicious turkeys to get 1 Grateful Share Pack every day.

• Open the Grateful Share Pack to get Grateful Hearts.

• Be careful not to eat too much at once or you will become too fat!


Everlasting Gratitude

• Challenge Dragon Sword Land in Ancient Fire Tomb instance.

• Players can open Turkey Treasure Chest dropped by Treasure Turkey to receive 1 Grateful Share Pack.

• After sharing Grateful Share Pack with other players, both sides can get a lot of Grateful Hearts.

• Players who share the Pack can also get an extra Thanksgiving gifts.

Extra Thanksgiving Gifts(Random get)

Item Quantity
65L Fire Flame
65L Fire Flame 3
65L Fire Flame 1
Red Stone Bag 1
Favorable Reborn Sphere Bag 1
Small Eudemon Crystal Pack 3


Gratitude Visit

• During the event, players can receive Thanksgiving letters online, up to 3 per day.

• Send your Thanksgiving letter to Cronus NPC that have worked hard for a year.

• Each player can only use one Thanksgiving letter per day to the same NPC.

• After sending three Thanksgiving letters, players will get a Thanksgiving Pack.

• Every time players give a Thanksgiving letter to NPC, there is a chance that players will directly receive the Thanksgiving Pack.

Thanksgiving Pack(Random get)

Item Quantity
Daily Quest Ticket
Daily Quest Ticket 2
6* O Pack 2
65L Fire Flame 2


Thanksgiving Store

• After obtaining enough Grateful Hearts, players can exchange them for precious rewards at Thanksgiving Store.

Item Attribute Price(Grateful Hearts)
Grateful Surprise Bag Unbond 200
Primitive Rune Bound 1888
God Tear Bound 1388
10000 Star Points Unbond 888
30* XO Pack Bound 498
5x Oracle Gem Bound 448
Divine Panacea Essence Bound 318
65L Fire Flame Unbond 318
Lucky Oracle Gem Bag Unbond 258
Universal Essence Unbond 188
Favorable Reborn Sphere Unbond 28
1 Hour EXP Pack Unbond 8
1 Hour Blessing Pack Unbond 8