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Halloween Spree

2021-10-28 00:00:00


Halloween Spree is here!

From Oct.28th to Nov.3rd, welcome all heroes come and have fun!

The ghosts have prepared plenty of luxury rewards, do not miss them!



2021.10.28 - 2021.11.3



1. Exorcist

● During the event, all heroes who reached Level 90 can enter Mirror Space by using Ghost Amulet.

● When heroes enter Mirror Space, Tia will company with you.

● Netherworld has 12 Floors. 1F to 9F only for solo challenge. 10F to 12F allow team challenge.

● Kill the monsters in Netherworld. When heroes kill the king, there will be reward dropping. Meanwhile, Tia will get EXP to upgrade.

● The EXP of Tia will be counted into ranking, heroes who on the ranking will get extra rewards after event.

PS: The higher floor you are in, the faster speed of challenge is and the higher EXP Tia can get. 


2. Cute Ghost Fight

● During the event, heroes with a level of 90 can collect Sunsnow Ball and throw them at your partner.

● Each time heroes throw ball, they will gain one Prank Points for their legion.


3. Ghost Request

● Heroes can find Witch Ivory after you`re hit by a ghost ball and turned into a ghost.

● Witch Ivory will give heroes random requests.

● After completing requests, heroes can get rewards from Witch Ivory.


4. Knock Down Pumpkin

4.1 Trick or Treat

● Halloween Pumpkin will appear in Cronus for players to seize Halloween rewards.

● Heroes can ask Pumpkin for some candies. If there are candies in Pumpkin,  it will give you some candies.

4.2 Legion Pumpkin

● Heroes of each legion can participate in daily quests to get Prank Points for legion.

● As long as the Legion is ranked on Top Ten on Prank Point Rankings, the Legion can name Puckish Pumpkin.

● Ranked Legion can also claim Pumpkin Lantern.

● The lantern can be used to add Attack/Critical Hit/Critical Damage/points of Divine Damage and Movement Speed.


5.Ghost Treasure

● Heroes who use Treasure Maps to find treasure have chance to meet ghost.

● When heroes meet ghost, you can choose whether to leave or give candies to him.

● The ghost will give you different responses depending on your choice, either reward or punishment!


6. Ghost Arena

● open Watcher`s Chest for a chance to get Ghost Arena Tickets.

● With the ticket, heroes will be send to Ghost Arena, and then find Kent to start the challenge. 

● Heroes can defeat the 3 hungry ghosts in the arena to get Ghost Amulets and Spree Candies.

● The higher the level of hungry ghosts heroes defeat, the better the rewards heroes will get.


Halloween Store:

● Heroes can use Spree Candies to exchange the items on Halloween Store.


Item Attribute Price
Eternal Hell Box Bound 12888
Brilliant Rune Bound 3888
God Tear Bound 4888
19* Universal XO Bound 1888
10x Oracle Gem Bound 3888
Jungle Fire Bound 1888
Pumpkin Thie Pack Bound 8888
Pumpkin Princess Pack Bound 8888
Fire Fragment Bound 288
P6 Gift EXP Stone Bound 1288
Magic Star Bag Unbound 588
Universal Essence Unbound 688
Divine Panacea Essence Unbound 688
Scream Pumpkin Head Unbound 888
Lightning Pumpkin Head Unbound 888
Storm Pumpkin Head Unbound 888
Crystal Pumpkin Head Unbound 888
Horrific Pumpkin Head Unbound 888
1 Hour EXP Pack Unbound 20
1 Hour Blessing Pack Unbound 20