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Tips of Making and Developing Babies, AlbaTrozBR (London)

2021-07-20 00:28:00
Beginner Guide “Making and developing babies”
M-atk baby, P-atk baby, P-def baby, M-def baby, M-atk-def baby, P-atk-def baby
Two married characters 
1. Why are babies good choices for beginners?
Because they are easy to grow since they can use any eudemon as a minor in the main compose. In addition, they have attributes comparable to great eudemons and can be added as “Hereditary Knights”, improving your BP. 
2. The first step is to get a pregnancy spirit of your choice (I recommend M-atk / M-atk-def for magical classes like Necromancer, Paladin and Mage or P-atk / P-atk-def for physical attack classes like Vampire, Ranger, Warrior and Shadow Knight). Pregnancy spirits can be obtained in two ways:
a) At the Shopping Mall:
b) In the Exchange Store (NPC Rita, Cronus 310 550):
Note: Love Stones can be easily obtained in Fancyland. Take a team with the couple and talk to Rita (Cronus 310 550) to enter. Once there, complete missions that consist of a series of simple tasks.
The pregnancy spirit has a success rate of 50% (and a chance of having twins), but you can improve it using “Divine Herb”, which can also be obtained at the mall or exchange store.
3. Sweet room and baby-making process
Reserve two slots in mom’s eudemon bag, make a team with dad (male should be leader) and talk to Sana (Cronus 320 550):
Once inside the room, click on the two hearts icon, inviting the wife to the instance:
Click on the two hearts icon once more to send the baby-making process request to the partner and use the chosen pregnancy spirit:
Accept the request on the other character and follow the instructions to come (Just press the A and D Keys several times):
Wait an hour to get the pregnancy test result:
If the process is successful, pregnancy icons will appear for the parents. Also, mom will see two occupied slots in her eudemon bag (maybe they are twins, maybe not).
4. The pregnancy process
 The gestation lasts 7 days and, along the way, you can take some actions to improve baby’s intelligence. The higher the intelligence, the better the baby’s initial attributes, but don’t worry if you can’t reach 10000 points, as the initial stats can be improved after the baby is born. 
Improving the intelligence during pregnancy 
Before taking any action in the gestation interface, try to improve the mother's mood, which can be done by exchanging 6 kisses with the father and sending roses to mother.  The higher the mood level, the more intelligence points are obtained for the actions of “Touching” (maximum of 5 times a day) and “Storytelling” (maximum of 5 times a day, from the fourth day onwards).  It is also possible to improve the level of intelligence using the supplement "Snow Ginseng", found in the mall and in the exchange store. 
5. The birthday
After 7 days of pregnancy, parents are invited to the delivery room and , again, just follow the on-screen instructions:
Congratulations!  Your baby has been born (or babies if you're lucky) and is ready to be composed. 
Important: babies cannot be exchanged with players other than their parents.
6. Babies interface and composing 
You can access your baby’s interface by clicking “Foster“ in the eudemons bag:
 Gives access to different types of composing. A reborn consumes a certain amount of energy, which will be explained in item “6.2.2”.
- Battle: Main attributes reborn that can be done using any eudemon as a minor. (Use clover for best results!)
- Luck: You can use another eudemon of any type with higher luck than the baby or violet stone to improve this attribute.
- Intelligence: Improves baby's initial attributes using “Snow Ginseng” as well as during pregnancy.
- Will and Mentality: Equivalent to orb and agate reborn; however there is a possibility of failure.
- Divine Potential: Reborn to improve Wisdom and Spirits using Saint 0 / X0 as minors.
- Divine Battle: Main divine reborn using Saint X0 (Use clover for best results!).
- Divine Phase: Use Eidolon to improve the phase.
- Divine Soul: Updates the phase level using soul stone (P1, P2, P3, etc).
You can buy “Happy Stakes” at the Mall or the Exchange Store to feed the baby and boost his energy.
You can buy “Happy Stakes” at the Mall or the Exchange Store to feed the baby and boost his energy.
But there is another quicker and more practical way to get energy: enter the training hall, summon the baby and use area damage spells (use XP potion x2 if you have any).
Improve baby’s energy and, if you reach a certain level of excitement, you can receive a clover effect.
Improve baby’s minor attributes using “Enlightenment Coins”, found in the Shopping Mall or in the Exchange Store. Limited to 5 times a day.
7. That's it. With this guide you will be able to make an excellent pet to help you in all the game's quests, including the apotheosis! Have fun!