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Warlord Sale

2021-07-14 00:00:00


Good news heroes!

We can announce that Warlord Sale has been launched on July 14th to August 8th.

Heroes can use the Warlord Guide Promo Letter to find the NPC to buy a variety of value gift packs.



July 14th - August 8th


Packs on sale:

● Heoes gain the corresponding experience of Warlord after buying them.

For the player Pack Price(EPs) Purchase Limitation
Commom Warlord Growth Pack 500 1 each day
Promotion Pass Warlord Boost Pack 470 1 each day


● Heroes can get the corresponding number of pages after buying them.

P.S: The packs are limited to a limited number and cannot be purchased after exceeding the number.

For the player Pack Price(EPs) Purchase Limitation
Commom Warlord Page Promo Pack 479 5 each player
Promotion Pass Warlord Page Surprise Pack 1199 3 each player


● Only for commom heroes to buy.

P.S: Only one of the following packages can be purchased.

Pack Price(EPs)
Warlord Challenge Pack 22099
Warlord Relic Pack 9999
Warlord Page Pack 8999


Time-limited quests:

● During the event, heroes can check NPC to claim 2 Warlord Pages every day. 

● If heroes buy 1 promotion pack, heroes can claim at least 20 Warlord Pages from NPC.

● If heroes buy 3 promotion packs on the day, heroes can claim at least 50 more Warlord Pages.

● If heroes continue to buy the promotion packs each day, heroes' rewards will be more and more luxurious.