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Tips of Space of Doom

2021-06-04 00:39:00

As retaking the Holy Peak, the new Divine Continent has regained its prosperity. However, the Evil Specters are still watching in the dark...
One day, Prophet Aigrain found a weird place full of negative energy, and that’s the Space of Doom, the place where Evil Specters are generated.
To maintain the order of the new Divine Continent, Prophet Aigrain is recruiting heroes to defeat Evil Specters for tons of Divine EXP.


Primary Divine EXP Fruit

Medium Divine EXP Fruit

Advanced Divine EXP Fruit

XP Energy Potion


Exploration Guide

1.Talk to Radigan (Oblivion Zone 590,299) to enter Space of Doom.

2.Kill Evil Specters in Space of Doom, you and your Divine Eudemons will gain tons of Divine EXP.

3.You’ll get blessed by the prophet. Kill the first 5000 Evil Specters every day to gain extra Divine EXP.

Note: This blessing won’t affect EXP gained from gems, garments or EXP potions.

4.Some portals will appear randomly in Space of Doom. Challenge Void Destroyers to gain extra trophies.