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February Youtuber Event

2021-02-02 00:34:00

We are here to summon Youtubers to do streams on Youtube Live during February 1st to February 21st. You can do the streams such as:

• Beginners’ Guide

• Farming of Eudemons and Gears

• Limited Time Events

• PK

• Share your creativity of any theme related to the game

Each thematic streams(including the themes named before) can get a 1380EPS card as reward. Excellent streams will get promotion on our Facebook page. If you want to join this, please contact us soon!

Live Rules:

1.You can send email to us to join this event in the first week(Feb 1st to Feb 5th), the delayed application may not be accepted.
2.Before each stream, you must send us an email at least 2 days before your stream, including your stream plan, stream date and time. (Email:
3.The streams should be titled with “Eudemons Online” and the cover should be gameplay. (The letters need to be capitalized in the same way as the title.) If you want to do a thematic stream, such as the Beginners’ Guide, it should be titled as “Eudemons Online Beginners’ Guide” or “Eudemons Online” with theme name.
4.When you do the streams, you should add the official site ( and the site of EO Youtube channel (
5.In the beginning of the stream, please do a brief introduction of Eudemons Online, and what you gonna do in today’s stream.
6.Please remember to do the screen recording during the Live time, and send the video link to us after the Live, also tell us whether you permit EO to use your video.
7.Time of each stream is more than 30 mins and 2 streams one day at most.
8.Any behavior against the rules will cancel the rewards of the week.

Reward Rules:

1.All streamers can get one 1380EPS card at least as reward every week, and the streams should be at least 3 to get the reward. Each stream’s view reaches 50 can get one 1380EPS card.
2.Each thematic streams can get one 1380 card as reward, the thematic streams cannot be more than 5 for each week.
3.The streams data will be collected on each Monday 16:00 (UTC+8) and the reward for each week will be sent in 14 days.
4.When the streams view reaches 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, the Youtuber can get an additional 1380 EPS Card as reward.
5.Each Monday we will make a rank of the views of the streams last week. The top stream with high quality or creativity will be posted and promoted on the EO Facebook Page.