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New Server Lyra Sale

2020-12-22 00:58:00

Hello heroes!

From Dec 23rd to Jan 11th, heroes can purchase the Eudemon, Items with good price in new server Lyra. Check out the item you can get and use them to make your character stronger!


Items Prices(EPs)
Super Moon Box 3222
Divine Box 4888
Special Ball*10 199
Universal Essence Box 260
Divine Panacea Essence Pack 299
P8 Necro Crystal 199
P8 Necro Book 1999
Reborn Crystal(10 times) 5
Favorable Reborn Sphere(20 times) 15
Vitality Pack 18
Small Clover Pack * 10 10
Universal O Pack*10 199
God Tear 109
Expansion Scroll 88
Snow Ginseng 30
10x Oracle Stone 99
25x Oracle Stone 299
Super Citrine 1388
Super Beryl 1088
Super Amber 888


Items Prices(EPs)
Frostwolf Ghost 3888
Frostwolf Gladys 3888
Skybreaker Pack 5888
Aidos Pack 5888
Laird Pack 5888
King Wukong Pack 12888
Sage Wukong Pack 10999
Super Hades Saint Pack (with random attribute) 1222
Super Lanir Pack (with random attribute) 1222