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The New VIP Club Updated

2020-08-28 17:43:17

Hello Heroes!


From Sept. 1st,2020, you cannot get tickets from Vip Club(The extra bonus tickets of August will be sent as usual). The birthday reward event will be not available as well. Due to the game plan, we decide that we will close VIP Club on Oct. 1st. Then, all related event will be ended. You will not able to use vip club at that time.  Meanwhile, the recharge reward in game will end in Sept. as well.

At the same time, the new credit event will be available in game, and people can take part in related event after Spet. 1st. The old tickets from vip page will not be able to transfer to the new event, so please use your tickets in time!  All money you spend, such as treasure court, will be  counted in new event. Please check the detail in game then!


Click here to check the VIP page.