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RazerGold Credit Rebate

2020-06-11 01:43:00

Hello Heroes!


From June 12th to 30th (PST), recharge your Eudemons Online account via Razer Gold to get the rebate of PPs (Paladin Points) by clicking the button on the event page.

The details are shown below:

Point Card Price

Reward(Paladin Point)

$ 4.99

81 PPs

$ 7.99

135 PPs

$ 15.99

270 PPs

$ 29.99

660 PPs

$ 59.99

1,380 PPs

In addition, the top 3 players with the highest recharge amount for the game via Razer Gold during the event will receive extra 2x1380 PPs (Paladin Points). Top 4 to 7 players will receive 1380 PPs. We will also choose 3 lucky players from top 10 to release HAMMERHEAD TRUE WIRELESS EARBUDS,(Only for players in South East Asia ) , other 7 lucky players from top 10 will receive Razer Bonus Gold. (Only players who credit USD 15.99 and above card a chance to win Razer products and bonus gold).
The top 10 extra rebate rewards will be provided by Eudemons Online and sent via the in-game mail within 3 working days after the event.
The razer rewards will be sent by express. 

Click here to check the Razer Gold event page.