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EO Experience Staff Recruitment!!

2020-05-21 15:54:42

In order to improve the newbie player experience, we decide to recruit some players to play EO with new character and give us issue & solution about the detail of game. We need 20 participants and if you want to be one of them, please check the requirement below:


1. You need to create one new character in one of three servers(Darkmarsh, ElvenCity, Miami) and use this character to play.

2. The experience content includes Newbie Ten Chapters, Levelling outside Cronus, Composing Eudemons & Equipments, Task & Event, Social Sytem and Reward. Your experience should be from newbie perspective and find out the problem and bad game experience for newbie players.

3. At the end of experience, this new character should complete the first 5 chapters of newbie ten chapters, joining legion & family and adding at least 3 friends.

4. After experience, you need to submit a form which includes the issue & solutions of each part, bug report and an overall suggestions report. (We will offer your the formwork)

5. We will reward participants 2650 EPs, 2560 PPs and one Frostwolf Chest if you submit report on time. And if your advice are truly helpful, we may have further cooperation in the future.


The application deadline is May 25th. If you have interested to it, please contact us by email( You need to tell us your character name, the server you play in and the country you come from. We will send your the formwork if you are accepted.