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Free EPs for EO Youtuber!

2020-03-04 17:29:09
Dear Heroes,
We are here to summon 3 Youtubers to do the LIve Streaming in Youtube Live during Mar 16th-Mar 27th. You can do the Live including Beginners’ Guide, Gameplay of your own account, Evil Abyss, Game Events. We will send 1380EPS each time as reward. If you want to join this, please contact us.
Duration: Mar 16th-Mar 27th
Live Rules:
1.Before each Live, you must send a email to us, which includes your LIve Plan, Time and Content.
2.During the LIve, you should add the EO official link into the introduction of the Live.
   (Official link: and
3.In the beginning of the Live, please do a brief introduction of Eudemons Online, and what you gonna do in today’s Live.
4.Please remember to do the screen recording during the Live time, and send the video to us after the Live.
   Time of each Live is more than 30 minutes and 3 Lives one day at most.