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Notice Regarding the Bug of Recharge Center on January

2020-01-13 16:17:39

Some players who credited at the beginning of January might not able to claim recharge reward in game because the page was error that time. If you have this problem, please contact email or Customer Service Center with your character name, server name and total amount you credit between Jan 1st and Jan 7th. We will compensate the reward you miss on Feburary.

You can keep going credit and claim reward in game. Although the page might not count your credit between Jan 1st and Jan 7th, we will still end up counting your real credit and we compensate the reward you lose on Feb. For example, you credited 3000 EP on Jan 1st and 3000 EP on Jan 10th and you should get level one and level two pack. In page you can only get level one pack, so we will compensate you level two pack on Feburary,

Sorry for the inconvenience we caused and hope you can understand. Please provide your information by email or ticket if you have such problem!