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2019-11-21 23:32:00

Hello Heroes!


From Nov 22nd 0:00 to Dec 6th 23:59 (PST), recharge your Eudemons Online account via TQ Point Card from OffGamers. The top 10 players with the highest recharge amount for the game via TQ Point Card from OffGamers during the event will receive extra 15% rebate of PPs (Paladin Points). For example, if you are among the top 10 players and you credited 27,000 EPs during the event, you will receive extra 27,000*15%=4,050 PPs.

All the rebate rewards will be provided by Eudemons Online and sent via the in-game mail within 3 working days after the event.
1. All TQ Points Cards purchased during the event must be recharged into Eudemons Online (English) during the event period.
2. NetDragon will send the bonus points to the players within ten working days after the event ends.

Click here to recharge your Eudemons Online account with OffGamers.