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New Server - Scorpio

2019-06-03 11:19:14

Attention, heroes!


The newest American server, Scorpio, will be opened after daily maintenance on June 3rd! As the first server after new version Arrow Fury, we believe this server will give you brand new experience.

There is no limitation to create Ranger class in new server, so if you have interested in this class and you want to feel how strong this class is, don`t miss it! 

In the same time, we plan so many things for you to do in new server. So let check out what exciting events will be held in Scorpio!


Opening Date: June 3rd


1. New Server Competition

1.1 Celebrity Hall Competition

Duration: June 3rd - July 1st

According to the final rank of celebrity hall, you can win reward according to your rank! In the meantime, if you can keep top 10, you can claim ep everyday! 


1.2 Eudemons Contest

Duration: June 3rd - July 1st

Enhancing your Eudemons Grading and if your eudemon is the top 50 in new server at the end, you can win reward!


1.3 Eudemons Star Achievement

Duration: June 3rd - July 2nd

During event period, achieve specified stars and you can win reward!


1.4 Upgrade Gift

Duration: June 3rd - June 9th

Enhance your level and win Blissful EXP Stone!


1.5 Equipment Element Contest

Duration: June 3rd - June 23rd

According to the final rank of your element attributes of all 6 equipment, you can win tons of eps!


1.6 Divine Fire Achievement

Duration: June 10th - June 16th

Increasing your Divine Fire Rate and win reward!


2. Bright Crystal Hunter

Duration: June 6th - 10th

During event period, you can use bright crystals which you can get from killing monster to exchange with a lot of items. 



3. New Server Sale

Duration: June 5th - 18th

During sale period, you can buy amzing items and rare eudemons with wonderful price. 



We are all waiting for you to join our new server and hope all of you can have a great time there.: )