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June Event Preview - Arrow Fury Exclusive

2019-05-31 16:10:05

Greeting, Heroes!


With two days experience, have you figured out our new version content? The exclusive new version event is coming! We believe with these wonderful event, your experience will be more pleasant!




Throne Scramble

Duration: June 1st - 28th

During each season period, challenge boss and climb floors. The higher Floor you achieve, the better reward you can get!


Ultimate Challenge

Duration: June 1st - July 1st

Challenge the Boss and see whether you are better than the one yesterday!


Divine Fire Contest

Duration: June 1st - July 4th

Heroes who have unlocked Divine Fire slot and can take part in it! Increase your Divine Fire Scores and win reward!


Ranger Heroes Assembly

Duration: June 1st - June 15th

During event period, all Ranger heroes can join the Ranger Heroes Assembly. All rangers' Level, Divine Fire and Sacred point will be ranked. Achieve the certain rank and you can win reward!


EO 13th Anniversary Celebration

Duration: June 1st - June 14th

With time goes by, Eudemons Online turns 13 years old with this version. Thanks all of your support and enthusiasm and there is no EO without you. Hope you can continue finding joy in it and we will all with you together.



Click here to learn the detail of event.

Click here to learn the detail of new version.