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Bound Item Sale - Bright Crystal Hunting

2019-05-22 14:39:24

Hello heroes!



From May 24th to May 28th, hunting monsters around Cronus, Misty Marsh, Gobi Desert, Dark Marsh, Icyland, Island, Volcano, Lost Land and Cata Maze during dropping period and you can get Bright Crystal from them! You can use Bright Crystal to exchange with item through related NPC. One account can only get 1000 Bright Crystals per round.

Bright Crystal Dropping Period: 10:00-10:30&19:00-19:30(Server time)

NPC Location: (342 389,Cronus) 


The item you can get with Bright Crystal:

Item Price(Crystal)
Small Eudemon Crystal Pack[B]*10 100
Small Eudemon Clover Pack[B]*10 100
Universal O [B] 120
Universal XO[B] 150
Eidolon O[B] 120
6* Universal O Pack[B] 160
8* Universal O Pack[B] 200
12* Universal XO Pack[B] 250
19* Universal XO Pack[B] 300
Victory Goddess Pack[B] 300
Battle Goddess Pack[B] 400
P4 Gift EXP Stone [B]*10 150
P5 Gift EXP Stone [B]*10 400
P6 Gift EXP Stone [B]*10 500
P3 Gift Promotion Stone[B] 100
P4 Gift Promotion Stone[B] 120
P5 Gift Promotion Stone[B] 150
P6 Gift Promotion Stone[B] 300
5x Oracle Stone[B] 250
10x Oracle Stone[B] 600
25x Oracle Stone[B] 2500
God Tear[B] 900