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New Version Released - Arrow Fury

2019-05-28 20:09:15

Greeting heroes!


The new version, Arrow Fury, will come out after maintainance on May 29th. There are a lot of changes in this version, including new class, new equipment, new PK competition, new map and so on. Let check what we have in new version!


The New Class - Elf Ranger

The new physical damage class, Ranger, will show up for the first time in Eudemons. People in new server can create ranger directly. If you are not in the new server, you should make sure one of character in your account completes the 10th Chapter of main line quest "Battle of Alien Land" and you can create a new class through the Mannequin system!


New Equipment - Divine Fire

There is a new equipment called Divine Fire will be added into game. This item will increase your attacking a lot! You can compose it, equip it and win it through exclusive dungeon!


The New PK Competition

PK competition will be refreshed in this version! New feature and new reward will make this pvp game more enjoyable! You can even win Anima from it. If you like , don`t forget to try it on Saturday night.


New Daily Event

There will be 7 new daily event in this version. You can win EXP, reward and even EPs through them! They will give you totally new experience for sure!


All Class Awaken

When your divine level achieves to certain level and you finish certain quest, you can upgrade your skill! The skill will be greatly improved and all class will be defined in a new way!



Click here to learn the detail of new version.