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Grab Your Weapon - Additional Boss Dropping

2019-05-15 09:51:56


The Additional Boss Dropping will be held between May 16th and May 22nd. During event period, you can get extra items from Boss! Let check what you can get below:


Dropping Item


Misty Marsh/Gobi Desert

Universal Essence

Universal O Pack

Universal XO Pack

6* Universal O


Dark Marsh/Island

P6 Gift EXP Stone

Oracle Stone

Divine Panacea Essence

12* Universal XO




30* Divine Eudemon Fragment +2

30* Divine Eudemon Fragment +3

Divine Panacea Essence

Oracle Stone

5X Oracle Stone

All items dropped from boss are tradable.



What is Boss?

Boss is a special monster in each map. Usually, they are bigger than other normal monsters with a red circle underneath. If you can kill them in a special way, you may receive many unbound items as reward.


How to kill a Boss?

Attacking Boss with your skill and when the boss is nearly dead, and let your eudemons which is no more than 3 levels beyond that of the boss give the final hit! Don`t use your character to give the final hit, or you may lose your reward!

Where can I find a Boss?
Usually, boss are just wandering around the certain area every day. You can just remember the location where you met boss before and wait. What's more, you may find there are some players making Boss hunting map on Google.
That's the time! Grab your weapon and hunt boss! By the way, we buried an Easter Egg in this event and see whether you can find that!