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Eternal Love - Fancy Land Quest

2019-03-27 11:25:17

Greeting, Heroes!


It said that there is a wonderland which called Fancy Land for couple. You can win Love Stones there and use them to change items, garments and eudemons. It will be opened for long time and you can go there everyday. Let`s team up with your lover and find the eternal love in Fancy Land!


Duration: Long-term


Talk with Fancy Island Envoy Rita to (Cronus 288,549) know about Quest.

Star Albizzia: There are 4 checkpoints and if you can reach 600 points in total, you can challenge the final boss!

Special Gifts:  Find the special gift the lovers provide for you and win reward!

Sweet Garden: Help to grow tree with your lover!

Light of Elf:  Try this quest and experience the light of Elf!

The Flower Crown:  Make Flower Crown and liquid. They are not only beautiful but also useful!


Click here to learn the detailed walkthrough of Fancy Land Quest.