Ragnar Set off the Fierce Fight!

Use Challenge Tokens to join in Apex League! Each match consists of 8 rounds, and winning each round enhances the skill effects of [Shadow Strike] and [Striker`s Fury]. There is also a chance to acquire the power of Shura`s Blood and awaken as Shura Ronin Ragnar.

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Rules of Inheriting

By using the Ragnar Inherited Stone, Ragnar can inherit all higher Attribute Scores of a random Annual Eudemon (presented before 2021) and Spirit Eudemon (including Dragon Prophet and Young Prophet). The more the stars of Minor Eudemon, the more the Inherited Stones it costs. After inheritance, the Minor Eudemon will be reset, but the progress of Gift/Talisman/Skill remains.

Rules for Copying Gift

You can copy Minor Eudemon`s Gifts for Major Eudemon (Minor Eudemon`s Gifts remain). Copying Gifts will cost some Soul Potions according to Gift Level and Gift Type.

Knight Appointment

Ragnar shoulders the duty of Acrobat and Tactician.

Appointment Effect

After Ragnar is appointed as Acrobat or Tactician, Inspired Skills will be triggered even if it`s not summoned/converged. Annual Eudemons with Inspired Skills include: Mighty Lord Minotaur, Chronicle Keeper, Dream Keeper, Glory Lulu, Spirit Dodo, Dawn Watcher Lulu, Shadow Dodo, Warrior Lulu, Mage Dodo, Emerald Phin, Glass Laura, and Rainbow Dog.


[Inheriting Requirement]

Requirement for Minor Eudemon Score::

Minor Eudemon Score should be higher than Major Eudemon Score and Major Eudemon Score cannot be 0.

Star Inheriting will fail when Major/Minor Eudemon is:

①with a Eudemon Lock; ②Suspicious Eudemon; ③Sealed Eudemon; ④Certificated by Supreme VIP; ⑤Credit Eudemon

Ragnar Inherited Stones needed for inheriting:

If the Minor Eudemon is lower than 100-star, the Inheriting will cost 1 Ragnar Inherited Stone. With 100 more Stars, you need to use 1 more Ragnar Inherited Stone.

[Inheriting Details]

Major Eudemon:

Major Eudemon will inherit star, level, and all higher Attribute Scores of of an Annual Eudemon and Spirit Eudemon (including Dragon Prophet and Young Prophet). Details:

Basic: Main Attribute Score, Luck, Reborn Times, Orb, Agate, Race

Divine: Divine Level, Valor, Spirit, Wisdom, Eudemon Soul Point

Major Eudemon will completely inherit the progress of Minor Eudemon`s higher Main Attributes.

The Main Attribute difference, and the exceeded Reborn Times, Sub-Attribute Score, and Initial Attribute Score of Minor Eudemon will be transferred into the Inheritance Modified Score of Major Eudemon, which will ensure Major Eudemon`s Star after inheritance remains the same with Minor Eudemon`s Star before inheritance.

Current Challenge Round Consumed Challenge Token Success Rate Dual Tokens returned upon failure
Round 1 1 80% 1
Round 2 1 70% 2
Round 3 1 60% 5
Round 4 1 50% 8
Round 5 1 45% 10
Round 6 1 40% 12
Round 7 1 40% 15
Round 8 1 35% 18(There will also be a reward for failing to encounter Shura Ronin Ragnar`s 8 Wins.)

1. Collect 10 Dual Tokens to exchange for 1 Challenge Token.

2. There is a 25% chance of encountering Shura Ronin Ragnar in Round 8.

3. After the challenge failure, it will restart from Round 1.


1. Each challenge will earn you Luck, up to 10 points. Once the Luck is full, the next failure will be reversed into a success.

2. After a total of 150 challenges, you will definitely achieve an 8 Wins.

3. After a total of 300 challenges, each subsequent challenge will be guaranteed success, and Shura Ronin Ragnar will be unlocked in Round 8.