Young Prophet

Skill Effects


    Young Prophet can be purchased by EPs on Shopping Mall after August 31st.

    Elements & 7 Stars

    After being hatched, Dragon Prophet and Young Prophet will have the ability to control an element from Earth, Water, Fire and Wind.(it's different from the Eudemon Race, e.g. the Eudemon Race and the element power might be different)

    You can use some Element Spirits or Element Shards to switch the element power of Dragon Prophet or Young Prophet (you may select an element to acquire its power, with a 100% success rate).

    Note: Dragon Prophet's Element Switch will require more items as more stars are lighted.

    • Lighted

    • Lighted

    • Lighted

    • Lighted

    • Lighted

    • Lighted

    • Lighted

    Open the star interface via the exclusive skill - [Stargazing], and then consume Star Lamps to light the stars.

    Dragon Prophet's power will become stronger every time a star is lighted. He'll receive extra skill effects when all 7 stars are lighted.

    Select a star to light up. Dragon Prophet of Earth/Water/Fire/Wind requires 299 EPs a time, and Dragon Prophet Thunder requires 1196 EPs a time.

    Every time when all 7 stars are lighted and saved, it will start from 0-star again.

    View Stargazing Probability

    Element Fusing

    Fuse the major Dragon Prophet with the other 3 Dragon Prophets of different 3 elements to turn the major Dragon Prophet into a Thunder one.

    Dragon Prophet Thunder will have more powerful skills and a more stunning appearance.

    During fusing, the lighted probability after fusing will be displayed according to the 7-Star lighted state of the 4 Dragon Prophets.

    Appoint Knights

    Appoint Knights

    After appointing a Tactician or Acrobat,

    you will be able to trigger Knowledge Skill without summoning the Eudemon.

    1.Knowledge Skill - Aether Starburst: Dragon Prophet will appear around the owner every 60s, inflicting damage to enemies. If all 7 stars are lighted, Dragon Prophet may trigger extra effects according to the element.

    2.Knowledge Skill - Soul Imprint: Get element points according to the element, and get extra element points for 20s when you're using skills or making normal attacks.

    Dragon Prophet - Rules of Inheriting

    • Star Inheriting

      Star Inheriting allows Dragon Prophet to inherit the attributes of any Annual Eudemon, but some Prophet Inherited Stones are required.

      Dragon Prophet will inherit the Minor Eudemon's high attributes, including:

      Star Inheriting allows Dragon Prophet to inherit the attributes of any Annual Eudemon, but some Prophet Inherited Stones are required.

      Dragon Prophet will inherit the Minor Eudemon's high attributes.

      Prophet Inherited Stone
    • Gift Inheriting

      Consume Soul Potions to transfer the Gift. Different Gifts require different amounts of Soul Points with different levels.

    Prophet Events

    Warlord Ⅵ

    Duration: 2022.9.1 - 2022.10.31


    1. Warlord Relics is divided into 3 Normal Quest zones and 1 Myth Quest zone.

    2. There are many spaces in a Normal Quest zone. Pass one to unlock the next.

    3. There are 3 types of spaces: Quest, Reward and Barrier. The type and the difficulty level of each space will be random.·Quest: Complete a random quest to get the reward.

    4. Every Normal Quest zone has got an ultimate reward. You can pass spaces to get it, or meet the following requirements to get it directly.

    5. Enter the Myth Quest after claiming ultimate rewards from the 3 Normal Quest zones. Complete the first 9 challenges to take the final Myth challenge.

    6. Register Dragon Prophet/Young Prophet, and you`ll receive extra bonus in Warlord Relics. Every Prophet can be registered once.


    Divine Clover Contest

    Duration: 2022.9.1 - 2022.9.14


    1. During the event, You may register up to 3 Divine Eudemons.

    2. Use Divine Clovers to perform the Divine Main Attribute composing of the registered Eudemon to gain Luck Points.

    3. Luck Points will still belong to the 1st hero who registered the Eudemon if it`s traded to other heroes.

    4. Collect Luck Points to get ranked and win prizes.


    Stargazer Defence

    Duration: 2022.9.1 - 2022.9.14


    1. When the battle starts in Stargazer, you must defeat Element Warlocks and protect Young Prophet.

    2. After defeating an Element Warlock, its element power will be absorbed by Young Prophet.

    3. When Young Prophet`s element power reaches 100%, the Dragon Prophet of that element will appear and assist you in the battle.

    4. When Dragon Prophets of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind are all there in Stargazer, and the HP of 4 Element Tyrants are all cut to 50%, the Dragon Prophet Thunder will appear, seckilling all Element Warlocks.


    Please use the Landscape View to have a better experience.

    Stargazing Probability

    Number of stars currently lit The probability of lighting up the next star
    0 80%
    1 70%
    2 60%
    3 55%
    4 50%
    5 45%
    6 40%
    Luck +1 for every failed light; When it reaches 5, success is guaranteed.

    Note: The "probability" in the game is the value under the statistics of big data samples (a large number of users), not the probability of each drawing by a single player (for example, if the probability is 50%, it doesn't mean that there will be one success for a player to draw twice).