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Time Island Maze Tower Puzzle Collection Limited Discount Pack 16th Anniversary Bonus TOP

Time Island

2022.6.2 - 2022.6.14


Brothers, comrades-in-arms, lovers, enemies... Sixteen years of glory and disputes, compose the countless heroic epic. On this special day of the Eudemons Online 16th anniversary, Valkyrie invites you to travel through the gates of time and return to the great ages of the past.

Maze Tower

2022.6.2 - 2022.6.28


• Players who have met the requirement can get 1 chance to challenge Maze Tower every day after 00:00. The unused chances can be saved, up to 5 chances.

• One chance will be deducted every time players challenge Maze Tower.

• The progress will be reset if players click the Reset Maze button, and then it`ll require another chance to challenge again.

• Players need to register your Eudemons/equipment to take the challenge.

• Note: The Maze Tower challenge progress will be reset at 00:00 every day.

Puzzle Collection

• Players can submit a certain number of Aura Shards to light up a random area of Anniversary Painting.

• Aura Gems submitted can light up the designated area of Anniversary Painting.

• When you successfully unlock a vertical or horizontal row, you can claim corresponding rewards.

• When you light up the entire Anniversary Painting, you will get fabulous rewards!

Limited Discount Pack

  • Oracle Surprise Pack

    Limited to 3 per day

  • Star Gift Box

    Limited to 5 per day

  • Grand L70 Fragment Bag

    Limited to 1 per day

  • Elite Creation Fire Bag

    Limited to 1 per day

  • Genesis Light Fire Box

    Limited to 1 per day

  • Heaven Star Box

    Limited to 1 per day

  • Heaven Moon Box

    Limited to 1 per day

  • Heaven Sun Box

    Limited to 1 per day

  • 5x Elite Brilliant Rune Box

    Limited to 1 per day

  • Grand Aura Shard Bag

    Limited to 1 during the event

MoreRare Panacea Bag, Elite 25x Oracle Bag, Aura Shard Bag (S), Aura Shard Bag (L), Aura Gem Bag

16th Anniversary Bonus

  • 16th Anniversary Gifts

    [Online Pack]
    From June 2 to June 28, heroes above level 90 can claim 1 Anniversary Glory Box for staying online for 10 minutes every day.
    [16x Sacred Points]
    From June 2 to June 28, heroes above level 70 can get 8000 Sacred Points every day, 16 times of the usual amount!
    [Chaosacre Double EXP]
    From June 2 to June 28, heroes can get double EXP and Divine EXP in Chaosacre!

  • Anniversary Bonanza

    From June 2 to 20:50, June 30, players can get an extra Anniversary Luck Coupon the first time you open the Anniversary Glory Box.
    Use Anniversary Luck Coupons to sign up for Anniversary Bonanza. You will have chance to win Heaven Blaze Fire Boxes (B) and more rewards in this event!

  • Anniversary Auction

    From June 10 to June 22, players can use 16th Anniversary Coins to join in the Anniversary Auction and win Heaven Blaze and more rewards.
    The rewards you win will be sent to your mailbox.