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Warrior Eudemon – Dragon Hale

Warrior Eudemon – Dragon Hale
Birthed in the deep pits at the center of Cronus, Dragon Hale grew tough scales, strong claws, and huge wings covered with roaring flame. Nobody dares to doubt its power, since the sheer heat that emanates from Dragon Hale is enough to cook any fool unfortunate enough to cross its path.
Initial Stats Value
Max HP 290
Max M-Def 99
Max P-Def 99
Min M-Atk 0
Max M-Atk 0
Min P-Atk 99
Max P-Atk 99
Major Stats Value
Min P-Atk 30
Max P-Atk 45
Minor Stats Value
Max HP 75
Max P-Def 33
Max M-Def 25
Max M-Atk 0
Min M-Atk 0
Misc Value
Rarity 100