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Rising of Mage – Elemental Spell Instance


All Lv.85+ heroes who have signed a Soul Contract at Elemental Guide Asgard by the help of Pioneer Alpha will be able to learn Elemental Spells in the Spiritual Void.

Brief Walkthrough


1. After signing a Soul Contract at Asgard, you’re allowed to enter the Spiritual Void and learn Elemental Spells through the portal (234,283) in Cronus City.

2. The Spiritual Void is divided into five zones: Granite, Vortex, Lava, Tempest, and Thunderbolt. Successfully challenging these zones will make you qualified for learning corresponding Elemental Spells.

3. Granite (Level Required: 85)

a. Collect 10 Seeds of Earth from the Giant Rock Monsters.

b. Sacrifice these Seeds to the Granite Altar to summon Giant Kaku.

c. Kill Giant Kaku to get an Earth Strike rune. After sacrificing this rune to the Altar, you`ll acquire an Elemental Spell, [Rock Shield].

4. Vortex (Level Required: 85)

a. Collect Void Ice Spirits floating in the air.

b. Sacrifice these Spirits to the Vortex Altar, then Siren Seurat will appear.

c. Kill Seurat to get a Crystal of Ice Soul. After sacrificing this Crystal to the Altar, you`ll acquire an Elemental Spell, [Frost Strike].

5. Lava (Level Required: 90)

a. Eliminate the Fire Lizards and Flame Ogres to force Flame Dragon Magura out of its lair.

b. Defeat Magura to get the Origin of Flame, and you`ll acquire an Elemental Spell, [Meteor Blast], after sacrificing this Flame to the Altar.

6. Tempest (Level Required: 95)

a. Purify the souls of Wind Twisters and summon Tyrant Tado at the Tempest Altar.

b. Kill Tado to get a Gem of Cyclone, and you will acquire an Elemental Spell, [Storm Vortex], after sacrificing this Gem to the Altar.

7. Thunderbolt (Level Required: 98)

a. After completing the previous four challenges, the Gate of Thunder Prison will open to you. 

b. Walk through a road with lightning threat and suffer serious electric shocks.

c. When you touch the Column of Thunderbolt and prove your ability, you’ll acquire an Elemental Spell, [Thunder Judge].

8. Upgrading Elemental Spells: After you acquire all the Elemental Spells, you have 5 free chances per day to challenge the Spiritual Void again to improve the proficiency of these Spells. If you need a boost, pay 135 EPs to challenge under 5x status per zone per time and gain 5x increase of spell proficiency after completing the challenge.

9. After running out 5 free chances in a day, you can still pay EPs to continue the challenge and get a bonus of 5x status. (Please note that, the 5x bonus is only available once for the current zone.)

10. Elemental Spells at different levels may have different requirements on the character level. The Elemental Spell will upgrade only when its proficiency bar is full and you’ve reached the required character level.

11. When any of your Elemental Spells reaches Level 4, you can go to the corresponding Totem in the Spiritual Void and pay 1,350 EPs to upgrade it to the Level 5 (highest).


Detailed Walkthrough


Spiritual Void Instances

Spiritual Void

Requirement: Lv.85+ Mage
Scope: All servers

Entrance: Spirit Void Portal (CronusCity 234,283)

Participation Limit: Single person

BOSSes: 4

Giant Kaku

Siren Seurat

Kaku is an aggressive and irritable giant occupying the Granite Altar. Beware the fury of Kaku.

Seurat is a vicious and sinister evil occupying the Vortex Altar. Don’t get lured by Seurat’s charming appearance its charming appearance.

Item Drop: Earth Strike (Sacrifice this rune to the Granite Altar to acquire an Elemental Spell, [Rock Shield].)

Item Drop: Crystal of Ice Soul (Sacrifice this Crystal to the Vortex Altar to acquire an Elemental Spell, [Frost Strike].)

Flame Dragon Magura

Tyrant Tado

Magura is a wicked and ferocious dragon occupying the Lava Altar. His anger can burn everything nearby into ashes.

Tado is a greedy and fallen puppet occupying the Tempest Altar. He is able to summon hurricane.

Item Drop: Origin of Flame (Sacrifice this Flame to the Lava Altar to acquire an Elemental Spell, [Meteor Blast].)

Item Drop: Gem of Cyclone (Sacrifice this Gem to the Tempest Altar to acquire an Elemental Spell, [Storm Vortex].)